[proj1] press-fit: “A-Nader Shelf”


Ever sinceI saw a hand crafted wood-framed glasses, I always wanted to own one myself. Instead, I decided to use this opportunity to make an enlarged, giant version of the wood framed glasses and use it as a shelf-object.

Above is the projected rendering of the finished shelf, however this prototype test only has lateral (?) bracing. I will be adding more braces on sides as well so the shelf can be rotated for horizontal use.

 Using the Shotbot in 4-002, I started cutting the protype shapes on 30×40 MDF panel. There are three pieces, two end glasses frame with pockets to bracket the connecting braces, and one middle piece with cutouts to support the braces. However while I was putting together the three frames together, the center piece broke off, and it was also difficult to assemble. Also the middle frame seemed redundant. I decided to take out the middle frame.

Even with the pockets, because the pockets were along the curved edges of the frame, the connection detail didn’t turn out clean. For the final product, I will place the 1/4″ deep pockets along the center line of the face frame. Below is a view of the finished prototype (only showing uni-directional braces, this will be revised to include braces along the entire frame – multi direction).


Final production: A-Nader Shelf

Using Techno CNC at N-51, with 3/16″ bit and 4×8 plywood sheet


 Close up detail of the joint (brace fits into 1/4″ deep pocket. ** Problem! I drew in the 1/4″ fillet in the cut file, however I over calculated the tolerance, and the pockets became too large. The picture below shows two different types of pockets (I forgot to delete the larger one), but even the small pocket turned out to be a bit large for the braces. I had to recut the bracing pieces. One problem with the Techno CNC was that when creating pockets, it did not cut to the true size; resulted smaller. So I had to create a profile first and then another pocket.

4.196 Special Problems in Architectural Design Complete Fabrications Nick Gelpi Mon-Fri, Jan 5-7, 10-11, 13-14, 18, 20-21, 24-25, 27-28, 01-04:00pm, 3-402/7-432studio, 1st mtg Wed 1/5 Pre-register on WebSIS and attend first class. No listeners Prereq: Permission of instructor ; Yr-1 MArch students who have completed 4.123 only Level: H 9 units Standard A - F Grading Can be repeated for credit Lab Fee: 150 A comprehensive introduction to methods of “making” explored through a wide range of brief but focused exercises. Skills = developing complex geometries from flat components; fine-tuning press fit construction, molding and casting, and making repeatable molds for customization. A two-part workshop, the first half will contextualize contemporary tools and techniques within the trajectories of historical case studies of building, combined with hands on familiarization of tools. The second half will implement the tools of our workshop in the context of Design. Working on group design build process for three MIT 150 FAST installations, students will test and influencing designs through the instrumentality of production. These hands-on design build projects are intended to produce reciprocity between skills and design, making more complete the problems of fabrication. Subject limited to year-one MArch students who have completed core-1 studio. Contact: Nick Gelpi, 9-224, 253-9415, -


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